Monday, April 18, 2011

Mountain Climbing, Cameron Highlands

1-   Mt. Brinchang ( 2031 m a.s.l )
a.    Start at JBA in front of police station at Brinchang Town by using Path 1 and it takes approximately 2 hours jourey(+/- ) to the peak.
b.    Over thar we have to watch tover to obser the view and from thar you can use the same jungle walk to back to town.
c.      can use by road ( if you use the road its take 45minute to Sungai Palas B.O.H Tea Plantation. On the way going to B.O.H Tea Plantation you can visit Mossy Forestrecommended ).
d.    From Tea Café to main road its around 3 ~ 4km. From jungsen to Brinchang town you can come by walk /bus or taxi ( 4 ~ 5 km )

2-   Mt. Beremban ( 1812m a.s.l )
a.    Start from Mardi ( Malaysian Agricule Rec Departmen Inti ) at Tanah Rata town by using  Path 7 , Path 4 and 5 ( parit waterfall ) , or Path 9 ( robinson waterfall ). Approximately 3 hours climb.
b.   Start at Arcadia Bungalow ( Taman Sedia ) by using Path 3. Approximately 4 hours climb.
        c. Full trek 3~4 hours

3-   Mt. Jasar ( 1670m a.s.l )
a.    Start from the road beside Oly Aparment at Tanah Rata town by using Path 10 . Approximately 1 1/2 hours climb.
b.   Full trek 2 ~ 3 hours

4-   Mt Perdah (1551m a.s.l )
a. Start from the road beside Oly Aparment at Tanah Rata town by using Path 10 ,11 and 12.get down to Orang asli villge and get back to Tanah Rata town.
b. Approximately 2 hours climb.
c. Full trek 3~4 hours

5-   Mt Mentigi ( 1535m a.s.l )
a.    Start at Part 13 beside the Veternary Department along Jalan Dayang Indah and walk to Path 14. Continue walking down hill along Path 14 and you will reach Batu 33, the main road that goes up to Tanah Rata town.
b.   Approximately 2 hours walk.
c.    Start at Part 13 beside Tanah Rata town to Mt.Mentigi
d.   Approximately 40 minutes  walk.
                       Not RECOMEDED ( under consration )

“ Planning is important……….
   If you do not know where
     You’re going, you may not get there ”
                                                   - Darry A. Tzakis
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